Life Happenz

by Mista Sniper

Life Happenz is a compilation of songs from the good ol days before Darrius Garrett became the life changing NYT Bestselling Author | Actor | Screen & Play writer | Motivational Speaker | original Freedom Writer that most of us know today. Though raw, un-mastered and gritty one cant help but notice the thought provoking lyrics and catchy hooks of Darrius, who then went by the rap alias Mista Sniper. This demo album possesses history as he feature his late mother on a song called "Dear God" and also the song change on this album written by Darrius, Kashaun Johnson, and Intan Sebastian was a song picked up and re recorded for the Freedom Writer Movie Soundtrack. Therefore, this is a great listen for great lyrics and just that raw garageband sound of a true MC with ambitions and dreams to become a well known rap artist. I caution you if you are seeking a Dr. Dre high hat and super studio produced clarity this would not be your record of choice. But if you are searching for a good hearted  Track list of good records then Life Happenz is your album.