Darrius always knew that he wanted a better life, but was never able to find a way out, until- inspired by his teacher- he made a “toast for change” and tolerance.  He realized that he didn’t want the street life anymore, and he wanted to change no matter what- even if it meant his life.

Darrius began to see the Freedom Writers movement as an opportunity to save other kids’ lives and right the wrongs in his past.  Since the beginning of the movement, Darrius has spoken at countless schools, churches, community centers, and convention centers.  He is most proud of his work in juvenile detention facilities and group homes.  Darrius has been featured on numerous news programs for his work with the Freedom Writers.  Darrius is very grateful for Erin Gruwell, the Freedom Writers, and for the change he was able to create in his own life.

In 1994 Darrius Garrett was released from jail for drug possession with ambitions to change his life. That's when he was placed in this classroom with a teacher name Erin Gruwell. A woman that brought the talents out of her students and pointed  out the greatness in all of them. Sharing their stories and dubbing themselves the Freedom Writers Darrius has achieved the opportunity to become something that he never thought he could be...a catalyst for change.

Rising from the ashes of Drug dealing,Homelessness, and Gangs as written about in the new book Diary of A Freedom Writer "The Experience" Darrius express how being a student of World renown English Teacher Erin Gruwell and becoming a Freedom Writer help save his life. Headed down the wrong road but wanting to change. Darrius encountered a new family that he love dearly. His Freedom Writer Family. Darrius says that being in that group help keep him from many instances that he may have been murdered or murdering someone. A big guy with a big heart he is; as Erin Gruwell describes Darrius as her big Teddy Bear.. Darrius has achieved remarkable feats such as being the first in his family name of "Garrett" to Graduate High School, winning awards as a Freedom Writer, traveling around the world helping motivate youth that can relate to his story. and having kids becoming the father that he never had.

Many people can relate to the freedom writers and Darrius is using the fact that most people can relate to his story to help turn them around.

Darrius biggest quote is that nomatter what...he is and always will be a FREEDOM WRITER.