Darrius Garrett
Author | Screen & Playwriter |Poet | Songwriter
"I love being able to express myself through words, I can't imagine being able to not communicate I think I'd go mad"  
~Darrius Garrett~

​                                       Biography

Darrius Garrett, Co-Bestselling Author/Actor /Poet/Motivational Speaker/Freedom Writer amongst other entertainment business ventures, has been writing for some time now. Darrius's major credits are his contributions as co-author of the #1 New York Times Bestselling book entitled “Freedom Writers Diary (1999),” and "Freedom Writers Diary 10th Anniversary Edition (2009)", which was also made into a motion picture entitled “Freedom Writer (2007)” where the character “Marcus” was based on Darrius. To add to his literary credits Darrius has also written two plays for the El Camino College Theatre program working with Dr. Pieter Van Niel. Darrius has a poetry book ready for publishing and he writes scripts for movies & Television.


Title:   Diary of A Freedom Writer “The Experience”
Published by: Tate Publishing
Author: Darrius Garrett
Format: Paperback/eBook
Release Date: April 29, 2013


Survivor… a word continuously thought of when reading
this memoir. Upon the release of The Freedom Writers Diary
and film adaptation starring Hilary Swank in 2007, New York
Times bestselling author Darrius Garrett realized that both
book and movie tell the Freedom Writer Story as a whole, but
not on a personal level. During speaking engagements, the same
questions always surface: “Did Ms. Gruwell change you? How
did you make it out of the gang life? What stopped you from
killing yourself?” Darrius’ answers are inside.
Diary of a Freedom Writer takes you on a journey beyond
the classrooms to the treacherous streets of Long Beach,
California. An innocent little boy born in poverty and raised in
a violent environment, Darrius became a product of the streets,
written off by the school and judicial systems alike, growing up
in an environment full of gangs and drugs. He spent his life
searching for a father figure until he became a Freedom Writer,
motivational speaker, bestselling author, and finally a father
himself. His story is that of a man realizing his experiences
are what made him the man he has been seeking to be all his
life. Upon beating the odds, Diary of a Freedom Writer serves as
proof that Darrius’s story of struggle, life, change, and hope will
uplift, educate, encourage, and inspire.

Title:   Poetic Thoughts 
Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Author: Darrius Garrett
Format: Paperback
Release Date: May 27, 2012


A compilation of Poetry and lyrics all written by Author/Poet/Actor/Freedom Writer & Motivational Speaker Darrius Garrett




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