Darrius Garrett - Actor.

"When acting, I am able to put down the burdens and trials of being Darrius Garrett and live, breath, and simply be someone else until the director yells "Cut". Depending on how deep the role is; it can be a scary place as sometimes you may not want to return from being the character in which you are portraying."



Born and raised in on the famous East side of Long Beach, Ca. mostly made famous by rapper Snoop Doggy Dogg and rock band Sublime. Actor Darrius Garrett has dreamed of being a star and doing what he love most...entertaining. Since the age of 2 he has enjoyed being the center of attention from family members and friends. Darrius has performed for different church plays and Talent shows but as a teen Darrius put his love for entertainment to the side to try his hand at sports playing Football in high school in 1995. He also encountered the everyday pressures of the streets learning a lot of bad habits that cost him his time and opportunity.       More







Cast of Darrius Garrett's "Greater Visions" Play

Lemale Oliver, Actor from "Greater Visions" play