Born November 9, 1980, in the city of Long Beach, California to Edward Sr. & Marie Garrett. Darrius started from humble beginnings being born and raised on the East Side of Long Beach. In a very impoverished part of town drenched by drugs & gang violence. A pure daydreamer, Darrius' childhood was described by most that knew him in his younger years as one with a mind full of dreams to be a well-known name in the Entertainment & literature industry.



As a child Darrius was described by his mother as a pudgy little kid with great imagination and love for music; Darrius was later destined to be known throughout the world, after co-writing the New York Times Bestselling Book "Freedom Writers Diary."  Also,  the character "Marcus" in the film "Freedom Writers" is based on Darrius' personal story of homelessness and continuous street violence. The film starred award-winning actors & actresses like  Hilary Swank. Since the newfound fame, Darrius has authored his own memoir which accounts of his personal life and ties with the Freedom Writers group between 1992 and 2011 titled "Diary of a Freedom Writer." Darrius also has authored other titles currently in the works; with plans to locate a literary agent to connect with a Publisher willing to display his specific art of storytelling with his new titles to the rest of the world Just as it was done for his previous works on the freedom Writers Book. 


Being a husband an a father of four girls, Darrius finds himself consistently working to become a better man, person & pillar of his community. Offering as much wisdom and guidance to his daughters while seeking the same from those he admire and look up to. After, he distributes what he has learned in life and experiences into the world by reaching out and sharing his story & continuous wisdom to most that will hear him one speech at a time; Darrius is diligent in following his heart to help pour into the earthly creations that he loves so much. "People"!


Darrius first began his speaking career over 20 years ago in the late 90's simply visiting local elementary schools in the area speaking to at-risk youth that resembled himself; along with his fellow Freedom Writer associates sharing his story of gangs, violence, homelessness, and drugs. In Darrius speech, he simply let them know that they will one day have to face a fork in the road of Good or Evil., even as he was currently facing his own personal fork in the road himself at the current time. 


After the death of Darrius Garrett Mother in 2010 Darrius started his company called D. Enterprises LLC that covers the range of talents that Darrius posses from Acting, Writing, and Speaking.  As an actor Darrius has appeared on numerous television shows from reality to scripted such as the role of comedic Linebacker Dante Lavonte on Seasons 1 & 2 of Comedy Centrals “Kroll Show.” a featured Extra on movie Freedom Writers as well as appearances in multiple Music Videos ranging from Common, Snoop Dogg, and other well known artists. Lastly, as a writer, Darrius has taken his love for storytelling to another level that most would just marvel at wondering how did he come up with that Idea. Moving into the future Darrius has plans for D. Enterprises LLC to become a worldwide entity changing the name to a more personal concept of The Garrett Group Worldwide LLC in 2019 as he intends to do everything within he and his families talents an skillsets to help make the world dance, smile, laugh, cry, think and wake up to the reality that  a great story, song or speech can change lives around the world.



Major credits as an author:

  • Freedom Writers Diary​​

  • Poetic Thoughts​​

  • ​Diary of A Freedom Writer​​​​​


Major Credits as an actor:​

  • We the people with Gloria Allred


Music Videos for :


Micheal Kiwanuka​​



Snoop Dogg


Major credits as an Rapper/Songwriter:

  • Life Happenz album​

  • Change - Freedom Writer Motion Picture Soundtrack

Motivational Speaker

Darrius has presented:​

National University



Santa Fe Youth Services


Youth Links


West Seneca Youth Bureau

Freedom Writer

In 1994 Darrius Garrett was released from jail for drug possession with ambitions to change his life. That's when he was placed in this classroom with teacher Erin Gruwell. A woman that brought the talents out of her students and pointed out the greatness in all of them. Sharing their stories and dubbing themselves the Freedom Writers Darrius has achieved the opportunity to become something that he never thought he could be...a catalyst for change.




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